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Niacop P4 Controller, play-station 4 controller with Macro Programming Function, Dual Vibration, Turbo 3-level adjustable, Type-c port, 3.5MM headphone jack etc., [2024 Latest Upgrade]

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Price: $29.97 - $25.97
(as of Jan 29, 2024 09:04:54 UTC – Details)

Product Description

ps4 wireless gaming controllerps4 wireless gaming controller

P4 Controller, New Product Launch in 2024

After constant feedback from customers and constant improvements and iterations by game designers, the next generation of controllers will finally be launched with pride in 2024.

The new product features gyro-sensor functionality, a granular touchpad, TURBO continuous fire, and double vibration.

Button sensitivity and precision have also been improved again. In addition, stable data transfer, low latency response, and ergonomic design ensure a better gaming experience.

Wirelessly connect to P4 to achieve the desired operability.

[How to connect] Plug the USB cable into the P4 console and P4 controller respectively. Press the home button to complete the connection. (The first connection must be made with the USB cable. After that, you can connect wirelessly.) After successful connection, you can unplug the USB cable and connect wirelessly.

To connect to a PC device, simultaneously press and hold the “Home” button and the “SHARE” button on the P4 controller, the lights will flash for about 5 seconds. Then you can add the Bluetooth device in Windows.

Note: Up to 4 P4 controllers can be used at the same time on each console. If you need to connect a new P4 controller, you can remove the device you do not need from the list of connected devices.

ps4 Controllerps4 Controller

Wide compatibility, one P4 controller can support almost all game models.

It is compatible with P4 / P4 Pro/smartphone/tablet/Slim PC. PC is only compatible with Windows 7/8/10 systems. Successful pairing depends on whether the game is supported or not.

With the most advanced wireless chip built in, it can support fast and stable data transmission, with no communication delay or disconnection, providing a smooth gaming experience for all players.

Wireless PS-4 ControllerWireless PS-4 Controller

The TURBO function increases your shooting speed.

This is a feature not even available on the original P4 controller stock and gives you a greater advantage over your allies and enemies. Faster firing speeds allow you to concentrate fire and quickly destroy enemy units, enhancing the thrill and experience of shooting.

[How to set TURBO] Press the function button + “SHARE” button

[Continuous fire setting button] Function button: △ (A) / ◯ (B) / ✕ (X) / □(Y) / R1 / R2 / L1 / L2.

[How to cancel TURBO function] Press the button with the continuous fire setting + “SHARE” button.

The continuous fire rate can be switched between 6 times/second, 12 times/second, and 18 times/second by holding down the “SHARE” button and moving the right stick up or down.

Niacop Wireless PS-4 ControllerNiacop Wireless PS-4 Controller

Superior comfort, button operation, and durability of the P4 controller.

[Highly sensitive joystick] Highly sensitive joystick allows for 360-degree dead angle control and more precise control than previous versions of the Play-Station 4 controller.

[Flexible Cross Keys] Fast response and directional control for precise control of game activities.

[Highly Durable Control Buttons] Improved buttons reduce reaction time by 40% and require only a light touch to complete an operation, reducing finger fatigue caused by prolonged operation.

[Particle-sensitive touch panel] Enjoy multi-point simultaneous input, sliding touch, flicking, and other fine operations.

Wireless PS4 ControllerWireless PS4 Controller

High-speed recharging for longer use

The Play-Station 4 controller is equipped with a high-capacity 600mAh rechargeable battery for fast charging, which takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge, cutting the charging time in half compared to the previous version. The device can be used for 8 hours, so your gaming experience will not be interrupted even if the power is suddenly cut off.

[Caution] When pairing the device, please do not press any buttons or joysticks on the genuine Play-Station 4 controller. Pairing will not work properly and the joystick will not work correctly.

[Lighting status] During charging: LED light is orange. When charging is complete: LED light is off. In standby: LED light flashes. When not connected: LED light is white.

[Reset button] Original Play-Station 4 controllers have a small reset hole on the back. If the product is not working properly due to a malfunction, you can press the reset button to re-pair it with the device.

PS4 ControllerPS4 Controller

Enjoy a realistic sound environment and smooth communication tactics with your allies

Compatible with the CTIA standard, the international standard (CTIA) 3.5mm connector is the most popular and widely used connection method in the market today.

*[Caution] This product does not have a speaker function.

🎮Turbo and Macro Programming: P4 controller is equipped with a “continuous fire function,” and the continuous fire speed can be adjusted in three levels: 5, 12, and 20 times/sec. When you want to increase the operability of action games, or when you want to hit bullets continuously in an fps, more firepower, and defeat your opponent! The extra multi-function buttons on the back of this controller can be programmed for custom gameplay styles, and you can map any button you want to set.
🎮Amazingly low latency and stable data transmission: The latest Upgrade p4 controllers uses industry-leading Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication technology and the latest intelligent chip to further increase the data transmission speed by 2 times compared to the previous version! No need for wired usb cables, more freedom of operation, even away from the tv monitor, without the traditional interruptions, delays and other problems, the game process is clearer.
🎮Optimal user experience: Play-station 4 Controller is ergonomically designed and has a good hold, so you will not get tired even if you play games for a long time. The cross-shaped keys are designed to minimize mis-operation, allowing for light force, smooth movement, and a more responsive, feel-good feel. The key reaction time has been reduced by 35%. This rocker cap silicone material has grooves on the surface with a matte texture for a good grip and comfortable play reducing finger fatigue.
🎮Wide Compatibility and Latest Upgrade: The p4 controller is compatible not only with p4 / 3/pro/slim / pc (Windows 7/8/10), and smartphones. The built-in advanced chip makes it applicable to the latest p4 system software version. Wireless p4 controller is equipped with motion sensor, vibration, touchpad etc., and also has a continuous fire function [Turbo]、Programming buttons on the back, which is not included in the other product.

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Niacop P4 Controller, play-station 4 controller with Macro Programming Function, Dual Vibration, Turbo 3-level adjustable, Type-c port, 3.5MM headphone jack etc., [2024 Latest Upgrade]
Niacop P4 Controller, play-station 4 controller with Macro Programming Function, Dual Vibration, Turbo 3-level adjustable, Type-c port, 3.5MM headphone jack etc., [2024 Latest Upgrade]


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